Baby Verses: The Narrative Poetry of Infants and Toddlers

Baby Verses: The Narrative Poetry of Infants and Toddlers

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"The voice of the infant. Such a mystery--and a matter of conjecture--it has been, for hundreds of years..."

So begins the introduction to this unusual little book. Perhaps the fact that the infant has a voice, and a brain, and observes her world, is a bit less controversial than it was a few years ago before modern fields as disparate as developmental neurobiology, prenatal psychology, and cell biology revealed the astonishing capacities of the infant's mind. But it is still a challenge to truly imagine a baby speaking up on matters that actually do concern her: her parents' divorcing, his circumcision, her adoption, his placement in multiple foster homes, violence around her, his sexual molestation, or her sexual abuse. 

Herin, you will find the results when an observer of babies for the last several decades set himself to imagining what babies would say if asked, and if they really did have words, about their lived and perceived experience. "Implicit herein is the suggestion that we would gain much if we bent low to watch, and to listen in..."

Available as a book accompanied by a CD.